Showreel. This is a selection of my work, from the war in Syria to the current Ebola outbreak in the DR Congo.

Ebola in the DR Congo. Shot at the end of 2018, this 5 minute teaser is part of a feature length documentary (shot by a wider crew) to be released in summer 2019. With my amazing local translator, I worked on my own for the entire month long trip, meaning I did everything from shooting and producing to editing, which applies to almost all my work.

West Yorkshire. This film couldn’t be any different from the one above. Almost all my work is overseas, so I wanted to make something from home. This heartwarming film follows 4 women and why they knit for refugees.

USS Harry S Truman. This news package was shot onboard the Harry S Truman aircraft carrier as air strikes were carried out on ISIS. I was onboard for 36 hours and had the package edited 24 hours later.

Libya migrant crisis. This news package covers the plight of largely Sub-Saharan Africans paying the ultimate price to make it to Europe. It was shot over 3 days and edited in 24 hours.

Sierra Leone Ebola outbreak 2015. This news package was shot over the course of a day spent at the King Tom Ebola grave yard on the edge of Freetown. I edited through the night and filed the package on the UN satellite the following morning.



I’m a filmmaker based in London, but I’ve spent most of my career working overseas. My work has appeared on CNN Frontline, The Telegraph, BBC, Sky, BuzzFeed, and many more. Prior to becoming a filmmaker, I was a contributing photo and videojournalist for The Daily Telegraph and I’ve been shortlisted for various awards.  In 2001, aged 19 I began my career reporting for the Ngami Times, a weekly paper in Maun, Botswana. This solid grounding led to more challenging work situations; I lived and worked documenting life in Romanian sanatoriums in 2002, covered wars in Syria, Iraq and Libya, made multiple trips to West Africa during the Ebola outbreak of 2014/15 and I was recently in the DR Congo covering the most recent Ebola outbreak as part of a feature length documentary. I’ve also shot assignments in Asia, Eastern Europe, Southern Africa, the USA, China and Russia. 

Although I left university with a First Class degree in Photojournalism in 2004, I’ve always learnt most through my own autodidactic approach, which is reflected in my continuing search for and openness to new learning. My natural networking skills lead me to seek out both people and opportunities that extend my knowledge and practice.
I’ve given lectures to summer school students at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge in 2013, 2014 and 2015 and will be doing so again this year. In 2015, as a result of covering the war in Syria I co-founded The Syrian Refugee Relief Fund which has raised over £250,000 to directly help those in need.

During April and May 2016 the 1830 Gallery held a major retrospective of my work consisting of 53 large scale prints and an installation of my videojournalism.